Mark is a trial lawyer, strategist and negotiator par excellence. He can litigate any kind of case he chooses against the best opposition. This year he assisted me on a very high profile trust contest for a multi-millionaire heiress who had failed to obtain satisfaction from her powerful trustees despite having hired three separate high priced and notable law firms. With the knowledge I contributed regarding trusts and estates, we managed to obtain a hard fought settlement in a relatively short time. I cannot imagine any kind of civil litigation case in which Mark could not prevail if he chose to do so.

~Henry Glasser, Trusts and Estates Attorney, San Francisco, 2010

When I came to Mark, the statute of limitations had almost run out and the law firm that had been handling my case had done nothing for a year. Mark took over and single handedly overpowered four large insurance defense firms, who put up every hurdle in the book. He got the case to trial in record time and won the largest verdict for this type of bicycle defect in history. When two of the defendants, Taiwanese manufacturers, refused to pay after losing at trial, Mark went after them and their insurance company in Chicago to obtain the monies. He wound up having the Taiwanese manufacturers as his clients who sued the insurance company for bad faith.

~Mark Fiorito, Injured Cyclist, Marin County, 2007
$3.4 million record jury verdict

Mark's incredible skill in litigating business and medical cases for me have made me a winner every time. The way he prepares for trial and cross examines witnesses gives him command of the courtroom and the situation, whether in trial or in negotiations. He is especially skillful with insurance matters.

~Dr. James Wilson, Neuropsychologist, Marin County